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Nelsen-Nielsen Family Reunion 2017

Roselawn Evangelical Lutheran Church

Today was the end of another era.  After 75 years of serving the community, Roselawn Evangelical Lutheran Church had its final service today.  After the service the congregation voted to dissolve and sell all of the church's assets.

Some of you may know that I have a long history with this church.
Baptized in 1956.  Confirmed in 1969.  Becki and I were married there in 1978. I served on the church council from 1986 through 1993. Both of my parent's funerals were there. []

First Bass on Hedgren Lake 2016

The Bass (and Bluegills) are active a little earlier on the lake this year. I caught this guy on a #16 bead head prince nymph using my 5 weight fly rod.  For those who don't understand fly fishing, that means "really small fly on a medium rod".  You can see the fly attached to his upper lip.  I love fishing season! []

Grandma Edie's Swedish Pancakes

For those of you who had the pleasure to taste my grandma Edie's Swedish pancakes, this will bring back some great memories.  My friend Elaine Haile Peddecord (Frank Haile's youngest), when she was 9 years old, received this recipe from Edie in the mail. Elaine had a Swedish pancake breakfast while visiting Cincinnati with her mom and dad and never forgot how great it was.

So, I followed the instructions this morning and created Swedish pancakes to perfection! It zoomed me back to my mother's kitchen and Edie pumping out the paper thin delights like it was nothing. []

Dwyer goes West

Cody and Quinn tie the knot in Philadelphia!

Becki and I had quite the adventure getting there, being there and driving home.  We went fly fishing and saw Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Water" on the way there. Had a fabulous stay at the Wayne Hotel and attended a beautiful wedding.  My pictures are here http://photos.hedgren.org/index.php?/category/7 []

Gary and Wade fly fishing in Wisconsin

Gary and I headed up to Wisconsin for a weekend fly fishing adventure. We were not disappointed! First we fished the Castle Rock creek. The brown trout made us work but we caught a few.  On Sunday it was the Big Green River. Again, we had to work for them but it was worth it.

We bunked at the Fenway Hotel in Fennimore WI.  Pretty strange place but that made it so much more fun.

All of the pictures are here: http://photos.hedgren.org/index.php?/category/6 []

Reunion Pictures and Videos

Well it's hard to believe that another reunion is here and gone.  Becki and I took a few pictures and Natasha sent me her's via DropBox.  I have the posted here: http://photos.hedgren.org/index.php?/category/14

Please send me your pictures and I will add them to this collection []

Nelsen Family Reunion 2015

Cincinnati skyline image

The 2015 Reunion is approaching and we are getting all the plans together for July 10th, 11th, and 12th.
Please be sure to pay up your dues. $15 a month per family or $10 a month for single.
(Mail to: Northwest Municipal Fed. Credit Union, 1420 Miner St., Des Plaines, Illinois, 60016-4498) []

Aunt Joan's 1993 Reunion Photo Album

While I was up at Gary and Audrey's a couple weeks ago, I went through their pictures and found an album that Aunt Joan put together from the 1993 Nielsen family reunion in Denmark.

The cool thing about it was that she wrote comments on the back of each picture. I didn't realize it at the time but once I got the pictures home started scanning them I found that names, dates and locations were written on the back of almost every picture. []

First Fish on Hedgren Lake 2015

I drew first blood on the lake this morning! This guy had to go at least 2 pounds. The Hedgren Lake bass fishing season is officially under way... (more pictures below) []


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