Roselawn Evangelical Lutheran Church

Today was the end of another era.  After 75 years of serving the community, Roselawn Evangelical Lutheran Church had its final service today.  After the service the congregation voted to dissolve and sell all of the church's assets.

Some of you may know that I have a long history with this church.
Baptized in 1956.  Confirmed in 1969.  Becki and I were married there in 1978. I served on the church council from 1986 through 1993. Both of my parent's funerals were there.

Pastor Jim Matthews went through a list of memories and accomplishments in today's sermon (and what a sermon it was!).  I am so proud to have been just a small part of the incredible work that has been done over the years.  I only wish that I could have done more.

So here's to Roselawn Evangelical Lutheran Church and its wonderful congregation!  I will miss you...