Frank and Walt around the world

After doing a little research, it turns out that Frank went around the world in his Beech Bonanza 4 times.  This old super 8 movie is from the first trip with Walt.



Frank Haile, Walt's best friend

Frank Haile, who was my father's very best friend for nearly 40 years, sadly passed away on November 15th 2013, from a heart attack.

Frank was the quintessential cool guy.  Basically because he didn’t know it.  To be cool, you have to not know you’re cool but you also have to do cool stuff.  Frank flew his airplane around the world twice (the first time with Walt). Not to mention all of the other destinations.  I went to the Oshkosh EAA fly-in with him twice myself.

These pictures are a testimony to his coolness… []

And, another new movie added

Added one more movie...

  • Mostly North College Hill again.  Barbara's never ending parades and marching. Thanksgiving on Richard ave. Tim's 8th birthday.

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New movies added to the library

Added 3 new movies to the library...

  • NCH (North College Hill) - Cir. 1961 - Wade and Julie with Jeff and Judy Kappas running through the sprinkler.  Wally sailing his homemade sailboat.
  • The Hedgrens in Mauston WI. visiting Grandma and Grandpa probably 1962...
  • More from Roselawn Lutheran Church...

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Found this gem on my computer the other day.  One of the reunions in Cincinnati.  Love my dad. []

Mushroom crop circles

So I was taking a walk around the property today and found a mysterious circle of mushrooms.  This has to be the work of beings from another dimension.  []

Sunset at the Hedgren compound

The Sunset was particularly pretty this evening with the fountain in the foreground...  This photo really does not do it justice but you can get the idea looking at the reflection in the lake...  Click on the picture to get a larger image. []


New movies added to the library

Added 2 new movies to the library...

NCH (North College Hill) - 1959 -1961
Julie in a horse riding show 1973

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More Reunion Pictures

Here are some of Christi's pictures from the reunion... []

New movie added to the library

I added Mary and Wally's wedding reception to the movie library.

Click here to view it... []



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