Maddy & Nathan on TV

Jessica sent me this today...

Amanda asked Maddy and Nathan (Aidan too but he had school) to be in a back to school fashion show on WGN for her work. Below is the link to the segment. Its pretty cute!

Link to the video on WGN: Back to School Fashion Segment []

Cody & Quinn's Excellent Adventure

Cody & Quinn began their new adventure in California beginning with the drive out via Nebraska and Las Vegas etc.  Here are some of the pictures sent along the way (not necessarily in any order).  Lee went along for the ride to help out... []

Library of Old 8mm Films

So, Tom sent me the 8mm film of Joan and Werner's Wedding reception...  Since I'm going to post quite a few of these, I'm going to setup a page where they can all be accessed.

Click here to see all of the movies posted so far... []


Old 8mm Films

I purchsed a box of stuff at the Nelsen reunion that included 2 8mm films that were Uncle Werners.  Turned out that they were from Ann and Scottie's wedding.  One was pretty good and the other too dark to see much of anything. 

This is my first experiement capturing film to digital.  Still working on better quality but is still fun to watch.

More to come...



Gewürztraminer Grape Harvest 2013

So, I did get some grapes this year! Becki, Quinn, Julie, Cody and I went out and picked them last night (8/16/2013).  Came up with about 10 pounds. 

I abandoned spraying them with Captan about halfway through the season and so I lost about 50-75% of the harvest.  But now I know what to do and next year will be great! []

Jack Tyler Nelsen - Born May 24, 2013

Welcome Jack Tyler Nelsen

Born to Kyle and Elisa Nelsen on May 24, 2013 at 8:48 am.  He weighed 7lbs. 14 oz. and was 21"



Nelsen / Nielsen / Nelson Family Reunion 2013

The Nelsen Family Reunion 2013

Wade's Pictures []

Niels Anker Nielsen - 3/5/1915 - 5/20/2013

Uncle Anker

I'm so glad our family was reunited and we all had the time to know and love each other.  Thank you Uncle Werner and Aunt Joan for finding Anker and Gudrun!

I knew I was related to that Danish family the minute I met Anker and Jorgen.  It wasn't how they looked or what they said. It was what they did.  Anker would go to great lengths just to know how something worked and he certainly instilled that in his son. []


Ann Caroline McVinnie - Tante - 6/24/1917 - 12/11/2012

Auntie Annie - Tante

Tante was everyones favorite!  Oh, I loved all my aunts and uncles but Ann looked at you with those eyes that said "you can do nothing wrong" (everybody else knew better).  She was the ultimate in positive thinking.

This picture is of two people that had it all... []


Mae Leona Chiaro - Auntie Mae - 8/9/1920 - 5/20/2012

Auntie Mae

Everyone was Auntie's favorite. Especially if you were a little kid.  She always got such a kick out of how goofy and cute we could be at times.

I took a look through all of the pictures I have and this one below I think says just that.  This is how I remember Auntie Mae. []



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