Welcome Faye Mara Wolfson! - Born March 7th. 2011

Baby Faye born to Holly and Josh Wolfson on March 7, 2011 []


The big yellow one is the sun!

Tim and Luke meet Brian Regan at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati.

Tim, Luke and Brian regan

Deb won the tickets from a local radio station.  Tim and Luke got to meet Brian before the show...  Awesome!!! []


Another house just like mine...

So, Becki and I are driving home from Lake Cumberland and we decide to take the scenic route via US127 and StRt68 to Lexington.  As we are approaching the Kentucky River [in Mercer county] right at the border of Jessimine county, Becki says "Look, there's an octagon house just like our's!".  So I pull over and I'll be damned if it isn't the same design...

It looks as though the house was built around the same time as our's.  There was a contractor there working on the lower level that was flooded last May when they had heavy rain in the area.  []

Continuing the house stuff

So here is a picture taken sometime around October 1980.  I remember getting the front walk finished just before having a huge Halloween party.

In the background is my dad, my 1974 Chevy van and my 1968 Dodge Polara.  Things are a little different now...



It was Popular Science not Popular Mechanics

So the legend was...  My dad found the plans to my house in an issue of Popular Mechanics. After he died, I looked all over for that magazine and the original plans that he ordered.

Well, yesterday I found out that Google has the complete archive of Popular Science online.  It took about one minute of searching and I found the original article in the February 1977 issue.

My House []


Mary Jane Hedgren - "A Mother's Wisdom"

Mary Jane Hedgren - October 24th. 1926 - August 29th. 2009

My mom taught me everything about honesty and integrity.  Here are a few pictures to remember her by.  I plan to have many more in the future.

Wade []


Haley and Eric go to the Father Daughter dance

Haley and Eric go to the Father Daughter dance...

Eric won a Trophy for best Dancing Dad of 2009!!! []


Nelsen - Nielsen Family Reunion 2009

This is what it looked like when we were not having fun!!!  That's how much fun this reunion was!!!



Two More Babies....Nathan William and Madeline Marie Kearney

Congratulations Jessie and Sean



Welcome Baby Jacob!!!

Jacob Cohen - Born 05/10/2009 []



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