Jessica & Sean's new address

For those who don't know, Jessie and Sean have moved to Elgin.

I have posted their new address to a private page, so you will have to login to access it. Mean while, enjoy these pictures of Aidan. []


Part 2

The cutie with the tie on is Clark on his graduation from puppy school.  and the little dog is jack.




New addition to my family

Hey family.  Just wanted to try this blog stuff out! 

There are two new additions to my family.

No, no children in my immediate future, but dogs are good enough for me.  I'm not sure what pics I posted (Or even if I did.  Not too computer smart)

But I have two babies.

Clark W. Griswold ---Clark

Jack Burton---- Jack

Can anyone name the movies that I named my dogs after????

Hope everyone is doing well.  []


Cody Blowing A Few Bubbles

You gotta check this out.

Click on here.

This is a big file so be's worth it. []


Tara and Calan - May 3rd 2008

Tara and Calan sitting in a tree...  You know the rest...

For more pictures, click here for Luke's.

If you have pictures to share, let me know and I'll get them posted. []


Alyssa Louise Heidrich

Alyssa Louise Heidrich was born 25 Jan 2008 at Stillwater, Minnesota. []


My New Best Friend (This is not a wax figure)

I recently had the pleasure of having dinner with Colin Powell in Denver.  He needed a little advice on window treatments!!!  We sat side by side at dinner and talked about flying Apaches and our current leadership.  As you can see in the picture, I messed my pants. []


Three cheers for Smooch and Auntie Gerry

I just wanted to thank Smooch and Auntie Gerry (I'm sure with the help of their entire family) for such an awesome reunion - we really appreciate all your hard work and effort.  The park is one of the best spots - thanks again for putting it all together.  The Danes were a bonus - always fun - hope to see you all again soon (maybe next 4th of July weekend for Joe and Natasha's wedding)  I love you all.  Barbara []


Natasha's Blog

I don't have any pics to post yet - but I just wanted to say how much fun I had and how much I love my Danish cousins - we had the best week!Even though they shop WAY too much - I truly enjoyed seeing everyone and having a good time.  I hope everyone can make it to our wedding next summer.  I can't imagine not having the fam there to celebrate.  Please try to join us on July 5th, 2008.  It might be far, but the fun will be worth it.  We love everyone!

Love, Natasha and Joe []


Reunion 2007 Wyalusing State Park


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