G and A's Pond

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11,000 feet up


Thanks for talking me into it............best trip in a long time.

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Big Nick's Granddaughter

Those of you who truly know my dad also know how fond he is of 4 legged creatures....NOT!  Of course our bulldog (Lola) can sense his love for her and will not leave his side.  I came across this picture and thought it was fitting to share with the family.  It's his first granddaughter.

Nicky []


Catching Brookies in Colorado

Rick, Wade and Gary fishing in Colorado

This is a monster brook trout from Lost Lake



**New California Chiaro Web Site**

**Benjamin Chiaro--Student Of The Month**

Ben just received an award for being the student of the month.  I have now turned into one of those parents I always made fun of with a bumber sticker that says "Honor Roll Student On Board."  We are pretty proud of him.  It's about time for him to get out there and get a job!! []


Spring at the Hedgrens

So, It's cold right now but a couple of days ago the redbuds started blooming. Becki has been nurturing this one for about 20 years.

Bloomin Redbud

Then there are the ducks.... Not the sharpest tools in the shed...



Winter at the Nelsen's

The observatory at Wyalusing State Park

Wyalusing State Park has an observatory!!! I will definately be checking this out.

Their site doesn't seem to have an time or reservation info (or I'm just missing it).


Looks pretty "geeky"....



The "I remember when" series

So, what I'm going to do now is try to come up with some stories from my childhood that might be fun to read about and get things working in your minds.

Like when Tom, Gary, Tim and I were drawing pictures of Knights on horseback in the apartment on Hollywood. Or, listening to Bozo and the birds in Auntie Mae's basement. I'll do better than that, but you get the idea. So look for some stuff, maybe about you, on the site soon.


Wade []



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